I graduated with a PhD in Biostatistics from The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health (UTHealth) in December 2016 and held an appointment as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Data Science at Rice University in Dr. Marina Vannucci’s research lab from March 2018 to August 2020. Prior to this role, I served as a statistical consultant in the Biostatistics Lab at Johnson Space Center on the Human Health and Performance Contract. I joined the Statistics Department at Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor Fall 2020. My research interests include:

Theory and Methods: Bayesian modeling, variable selection, graphical models, nonparametric Bayes, statistical computing, multistate Markov models, R package development, varying-coefficient models, hidden Markov models, variational inference, joint modeling

Application: cancer prevention, smoking behaviors, mental health, addiction, physical activity, nutrition, microbiome, mHealth, ecological momentary assessment, intensive longitudinal data, environmental health, human health and performance in space

Here’s a link to my CV, updated April 2023.